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Track Name: Turn The T.V. Off And Read A Book, Please
How much more shit are you gonna take
just cause they don’t offer nothing else?
How much more time are you gonna waste
until you’re finally getting sick of the taste?
Just count the hours
and think of all you could have seen
while you were staring at a screen.
You’re not any different.
You’re not being smart.
You’re not fooling anyone.
You’re just playing your part.
You think you’ve got it figured out.
Well, let me tell you punk:
as long as you participate
they’ve got you where they want
Track Name: Patriotism Is So 19th Century
Here we go again.
They’re on the street again.
And I thought we’d got rid of all this shit.
They wave their flags again
and promote reactionary politics.
With all the shit that we’ve been through,
why can’t we finally let it go?
This concept breeds exclusion by definition
and I don’t fucking get it. I hope I never will.
I’ll raise my voice against it
even if it won’t be ever heard.
Here we go again. “We stand as one again.”
Rewind the tape, lean back and press “repeat”.
A try to turn back time
when their concepts are becoming obsolete.
It seems like a desperate try to me,
I just can’t understand the need.
These symbols breed exclusion by definition
and I don’t fucking get it.
Alright. I just can’t see why we relate
cause we live in this nation state.
Track Name: If There Was A God, Wouldn't He Make People Like You Just Shut The Fuck Up?
Adapt a rebellious pose.
Fists up and fancy clothes.
Hide your regressive ways
behind some catchphrase.
Just let it go, cause you’re not fooling anyone.
Not this time no.
Never gonna know what life can really offer you,
never gonna know anything at all.
Your missionary talk is something that we can do without.
Did you get anything that we said? No?
I’ll scream it out: You stare at the sunlight,
blinded like everyone, so deceived yeah.
Stare at the blinding light,
surrender your sight without reason.
Track Name: Apparently It's Still Just Boys' Fun
Is this really what it’s all about?
White boys singing to a white boys’ crowd.
It meant so much. It’s meaningless.
Wasn’t this about subversivness?
Take a look at the pit, I’ll show you a bunch of idiots
and their tough-guy shit.
This dancefloor’s for everyone.
Girls up front. Come sing along. Go!
We sing our songs about being different
while we’re just following the same conventions.
You sing along. You never think about it
and you perpetuate their lame divisions.
When did this whole thing become so tame?
Everybody acts and looks the same.
Boys up front. Girls in the back.
I refuse to be the dull soundtrack.
Take a look at the pit,
show me a non-white-male-heterosexual kid.
Ain’t this dancefloor for everyone?
Girls up front. Come sing along.
Track Name: Heterosexism Sucks And So Do You
Don’t you notice
I’m not laughing at your sexist jokes
and your gay bashing?
Just because I’ve got a dick don’t mean I’m into your bullshit.
You claim punkrock to you means “question everything they say.”
Then how come you’re so busy proving that you aren’t gay?
Don’t you see no one’s here who fucking cares
about how hard you can fuck your girl?
How much clearer can I spell it out?
We do not want your kind around.
If racism is wrong then why is homophobia right?
To me heterosexism’s part of what we’re trying to fight.
Won’t understand.
Won’t feel the same or participate in your bullshit macho games.
After all it ain’t my fault that you can’t stand your fucking self.
Don’t need your handshakes or your solidarity.
I’ll turn my back on your sexist categories.
You may claim “we’re not the same”,
but what does “gay” mean anyway?
Let’s go. Think about the things we say.
Now, what does “gay” mean anyway?
Track Name: Conservative Punks Fuck Off
You fucking joke, don’t you get it?
It sounded fucking old before you said it.
You’re nothing new. Thinking you’re funny
while the joke’s on you. The joke’s on you.
Guess what, the things you say won’t bother me today.
You didn’t get it then, won’t get it now:
punk still means thinking for yourself. I’ve been around a little while,
I’ve seen so much shit passing by.
Conservative punks? Get fucking lost.
It won’t be long till you bite the dust.
This one’s for you and your bullshit rightwing dickhead crew.
As if we didn’t have enough stupidity.
If I’d want empty talk I’d turn on the T.V.
Just you’re your mouth, we’ve had enough.
Conservative punks fuck off.
Track Name: Surprise, Surprise!
Where is your anger? Where is your hate?
Your plastic emotions are a fucking fake.
You think I should grow up you think I’m naive.
Well I’d rather stay pissed and think positive.
We still got something to say.
Our hearts are still full of hate.
No need to bother about “politics”
when all that you care about is drinking and tits.
Stick to your disco, stay out of my scene.
Your standardized passion ain’t working on me.
Track Name: Get In The Volvo
You love to hear yourself talk about the early days.
When we played the same club once a month.
When we sucked so bad but it was ok.
We’re still around. We’re here to stay.
We wanna rock. We wanna play.
Against all odds. We’re here to stay.
We wanna rock. We wanna fucking play.
You claim that we have changed and that we’re not the same.
Have you ever wondered why your own band sounds so fucking lame?
Just go ahead and tell us that we suck.
Guess what, we don’t give a fuck.
Because we’re still here
and if we meet again in about two years
and you might have missed the latest trend,
and we’ll still do our thing,
and then your band breaks up and no one gives a fuck,
and you still won’t fucking get it.
Go ahead and tell us that we suck
Guess what we don’t give a fuck.
Because we’re still here and we wanna play.
We wanna rock.
Track Name: The Minor Threat Principle
We live our lives in a world that we despise.
Yet we yearn for a better place.
Our burning fists through your empty face.
Yeah we’ll stay always pissed,
always punk,
always smart.
Never a part.
Always pissed,
always punk,
we live our hearts.
Always out of step.
Won’t hear a thing that you say cause we don’t care anyway.
The things you sell we don’t need. We won’t concede.
Every word you say sounds so hollow to me.
Couldn’t care less about the things that you believe.
I just can’t communicate with you, so I’ll just let it go.
Always out of step.
Track Name: The Dialectics Of Partying Really Hard
So you’ve got me figured out.
Don’t try to tell me cause it hurts
to hear all these words I never could admit.
You stabbed your knife into me, now you smile and twist it,
“Does it hurt?” I swallow the pain and fake a smile instead.
Self destruction never felt this good. I’m all fucked up,
I can’t keep up, and I need to go home.
I thought I had it all worked out but nothing ever goes my way.
You call me up, but I’m a slob and I’m sleeping on some floor.
Every night. Let’s start another round,
your patience versus my mistakes.
I always lose because you just won’t give in.
How can I put this to an end?
How can I finally get some sleep?
I’m in too deep and I need to go on
until self destruction finally takes its toll.
Was there a time when lousy talk and lousy drinks tasted better?
I guess there was, but I can’t remember when.
Track Name: No Matter Where We Go
I still have a hard time coping with.
I can’t believe this life we live won’t offer something more.
Sometimes I wonder: what’s the purpose?
What’s the fucking deal?
If everything I say and do, and everything I see seems so unreal.
These places we go that you’ll never see.
At least I know something that I’ll never be.
Your promises won’t comfort me.
You will always hear me scream.
Turn up the noise, I’ll press the speaker to my ear
to blast away the thoughts that I don’t wanna hear.
These drums are all I need to make me feel at home,
no matter where I go. Another night, another town, another show.
Load in the gear, get in the van, ready to go.
Don’t try to understand cause you won’t ever know
about all the things we do.
Let’s go to places you will you never know.
Lights on, plug in and here we go.
Track Name: Punk = Short
You think our record’s way too short,
you think that we should play some more.
Don’t wanna hear it one more time.
Try to face the bottom line:
I happen to like my punkrock short.
So what’s the fucking deal?
Track Name: Do You See Anyone Laughing?
All the time we classify and divide.
Why can’t you try to realize:
The things we say, they segregate every single day.
You think I’m too p.c., cause you don’t wanna see
it’s not always someone else.
Some day you’ll finally hurt yourself.
This language that we use seems poisonous to me.
Categorizing every single thing we see.
Is it so hard to challenge this way that we speak?
Just fucking think before you open your mouth.
This language that we use kills all diversity.
Categorizing every single thing we see.
Telling us what we like and who we wanna be.
Just fucking think before you start to speak.
Track Name: A Minor Disagreement
You play your free-jazz hippy shit on our punkrock gear.
You keep the carpet nice and clean
cause you never get out of here.
You play so well, it’s hard to tell why no one knows your name.
You smoke your pot, you think you rock,
when all you do is fucking suck.
Because you’re 35 you think you’ve got the right
to tell us what to do.
We ain’t taking shit no more cause you don’t have a clue.
You play so well, It’s hard to tell why no one knows your name.
You think that you’re better? You think that we suck?
We may not know how to play but we know how to rock.
Track Name: In Love With Life, Unpleased With The Present State Of Things
Here we go. Apathy won’t hold us back tonight.
Just me and you, these streets and shining city lights.
A secret no one else can see,
“right now” means everything to me.
To them it’s just a waste of time,
to us it’s searching for a life in moments that seem true,
that they can’t take away from us no matter what they do.
Here we go. Cause nobody can hold us back tonight.
A song is in our hearts and fire’s in our eyes.
A secret no one else can see.
“Right now” means everything to me.
What we are struggling for is right here and I won’t let it go.
We search for something that seems real.
There’s nothing else that matters
when tonight belongs to you and me.
I know that nothing is allright but I’m tired of complaining
so I call you up “Please, can we rock tonight?”
I know everything’s fucked up.
It’s nothing new, everybody sucks.
If we try, I know that we can find real beauty in these ugly times.
I know everything’s fucked up.
Guess what now, everybody sucks.
Let’s hold on to something that seems real.
Don’t let go of the passion that you feel.