Things I Like EP

by Deny Everything



mixed & mastered by Robin Völkert / rec-o-rob
released by Yo-Yo Records


released October 1, 2010



all rights reserved


Deny Everything Köln, Germany

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Track Name: Things I Like
I like peanuts I like toast, I like going out to shows.
I like drinking by myself when I can’t stand nobody else.
I like records. I like my bike. I like to think about the things I like.
I like Flag and I like Shooks. I like complicated books.
I like coffee, I don’t like tea. I prefer N.A. to SSD.
I like my room. I like my bike. I like to think about the things I like.
And I like you and all the things you do. Cause who I am starts making sense when I’m with you.
Cause when you smile I like myself a little too.
Yeah nothing makes me feel as good as spending time with you.
Track Name: Indifferent Mental Attitude
I don’t care if you’re on top or someone else is gonna fall.
I don’t care about your scene
cause I don’t care about much at all.
Don’t give a fuck if you and your friends dug our show.
Couldn’t care less about what you say
because today I’ve got that I.M.A.
No I haven’t seen that movie
and I haven’t heard that awesome band.
I’m sorry I aint that eloquent today but I’ve got that I.M.A.
No, I wasn’t at that show
and no, I haven’t seen your awesome band.
I just really don’t give a fuck about what you think or do or wanna say
Cause I’ve got that I.M.A.
Track Name: Riding The Gravy Train
Don’t wanna spend my time with stuff I hate.
Don’t wanna get up when I’d rather sleep late.
Don’t wanna waste my days with people that suck.
Cause I don’t like them and they hate my guts, so what the fuck?
Why does laziness make us sick?
Why can’t we free ourselves from this bullshit?
Taught to value work and disdain idleness.
How did we even get into this mess?
What’s the purpose? What the fuck?
We keep on doing oall this stuff that suck.
Is a little reward really worth all the pain?
I’d much rather ride the gravy train.
Work suck, everyone knows.
Andy et we go and we go and weg o.
So we’ve got it figured out.
Escape our jobs and hop into a van.
We’ll start a band.
Three chords and middle finger to the man.
Work sucks, everyone know.
And yet we go and we go and we go.
Now all the punks are proud to play in “hard working” bands.
Am I too stupid? I don’t understand.
Yeah, “start a band, throw a brick”,
But before it becomes another job I’ll quit.
What’s the purpose? What the fuck?
Why keep on playing all these shows that suck?
Is a little reward really worth all the pain?
I’d much rather ride the gravy train.
Track Name: In My Room
I am just staying right here in my room.
No stupid idiots stare at me.
No one I have to answer to.
And I’ve got the Sopranos
And I’ve got the Descendents too.
No one likes them quite like I do.
Today I’m not getting out of my room.
The only place where I feel safe
Cause no one knows me like I do.
And I’ve got Judith Butler
And I’ve got Larry David too.
No one understands me like they do.
I’ve got Bombay Sapphire and GTA IV.
Your outside world is such a fucking bore.
Track Name: Don't Be Afraid of Bitters
Always wishing we were somewhere else.
Always feeling like we’re out of place.
Out of step ain’t just an empty phrase.
We’re only searching for a place that feels safe.
So sick and tired of feeling wrong.
So fed up of writing angry songs.
Wishing so hard we could just sing along.
It ain’t that cool when you just don’t belong.
Well the boys are still all up on stage
And the girls still cook their food.
And no one even thinks it’s weird.
I know you would’ve understood.
And I wish I could go home,
But I Don’t Know where that is.
And yeah I wish that you would finally call
Because I feel I’m about to fall.
And I’m just not good at this.
We’ve got somewhere to go.
Another shitty show.
Another stupid crowd.
Just play that shit loud.
No moms, no dads,
No gods, no flags,
No sense of security.
I would rather feel alone than stay naïve.
When it feels like your world comes crashing down
Remember: the sun’s right around the bend.
When the city’s feeling grey and cold
Get off that couch and call a friend.
When you’re ready to accept defeat
Remind yourself: There’s someone that understands.
When you think this time you got it bad
Remember: This ain’t the end.